I welcome your comments and queries. It might take me awhile to respond to you, but I will eventually. You can use the comment forms on many of these pages, or you can contact me directly.


I teach in the Creative Writing Program at the University of British Columbia where I devote so much of my mentoring time to my students that I don’t have much left over for anyone else, but if you’re looking for help with your writing, you might consider the online EdX course, Write Your Novel, created by my colleagues Annabel Lyon and Nancy Lee.

Take your writing seriously and persist. Luck is important too, and I wish you the best of it.


My literary agent is John Pearce of Westwood Creative Artists. John is not looking for new clients at the moment.

To schedule readings or other public events, please contact me directly.

UBC Creative Writing Program

Buchanan Room E462

1866 Main Mall

Vancouver, BC

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