Publications List

Keith Maillard: Author


In the Defense of Liberty (Freehand Books) 2023

Twin Studies (Freehand Books, 2018)

Looking Good: Book Four of Difficulty at the Beginning (Brindle & Glass Publishing, 2006)

Lyndon Johnson and the Majorettes: Book Three of Difficulty at the Beginning (Brindle & Glass Publishing, 2006)

Morgantown: Book Two of Difficulty at the Beginning (Brindle & Glass Publishing, 2006)

Running: Book One of Difficulty at the Beginning (Brindle & Glass Publishing, 2005)

The Clarinet Polka (Thomas Allen 2002, St. Martins Press 2003, St. Martin’s Griffin 2004)

Gloria (HarperCollins Canada 1999, Soho Press 2000, HarperFlamingo US 2001)

Hazard Zones (HarperCollins Canada 1995)

Light in the Company of Women (HarperCollins Canada 1993)

Motet (Random House 1989, reissued HarperCollins Canada 1997)

Cutting Through (General Publishing 1982)

The Knife in My Hands (General Publishing 1981)

Alex Driving South (Dial Press 1980, General Publishing 1983)

Two Strand River (Press Porcepic 1976, reissued by Harper Collins Canada 1996)

Non-Fiction Books

The Bridge: Writing Across the Binary (Freehand Press, 2021)

Fatherless (University of West Virginia Press, 2019)

Non-Fiction in Journals

“What Sailor Moon Taught Me,” Ricepaper (Spring, 2012)

“Hot Springs, Arkansas,” Southern Cultures (September 2011)

“Kilroy,” Numero Cinq, (April, 2011)

“Richland,” Numero Cinq, (March, 2011)

“The Old Gypsy Woman,” Hamilton Stone Review, No. 16, (Fall 2008)

Fiction in Journals

“Face to Face,” Maisonneuve (August 16, 2018).

“Running: The Fifties,” The Malahat Review, No. 50, (April, 1979)


Refuse: Canlit in Ruins, Hannah MacGregor, Julie Rak & Erin Wunker, eds. Book*hug, 2018. “Burn.”

The Best of Canadian Poetry in English, 2008. Stephanie Bolster and Molly Peacock, eds., Tightrope Books, 2008. “July.”

Crossing Lines: Poets Who Came to Canada in the Vietnam War. Allan Briesmaster and Steven Michael Berzensky, eds., Seraphim Editions, 2008. “The Intervention of the Duke (20).” “The Intervention of the Duke (22).” “The Intervention of the Duke (23).”

Wild Sweet Notes II: More Great Poetry From West Virginia. Publishers Place, 2005. “Solving an Old Thriller,” “The Intervention of the Duke (2.)” “The Intervention of the Duke (7.)” “The Intervention of the Duke (13.)”

New Expansive Poetry, R.S. Gwynn, ed., Ashland, Oregon, Story Line Press, 1999. “The New Formalism and the Return of Prosody.”

Vancouver Fiction. David Watmough, ed., Winlaw, B.C., Polestar Press, 1985. Excerpt from Motet.

Magic Realism and Canadian Literature: Essays and Stories, Proceedings of the Conference on Magic Realist Writing in Canada, University of Waterloo/Wilfred Laurier University, May, 1985; Peter and Ed Jewinski, eds.; University of Waterloo Press, Waterloo, Ontario, 1986. “From Motet, excerpt”.


Dementia Americana (Ronsdale Press 1994)

Poetry in Journals

“The Storage Locker,” Event, (Spring, 2007)

“July: Twelve Ghazals,” Event, (Spring, 2007)

Two Poems from Dementia Americana, the Globe & Mail, (February 1, 2003)

“The Author Recalls His Childhood” and “The Author Recalls his Adolescence,” The Antigonish Review, No. 96 (Winter, 1994)

“Solving an Old Thriller,” Poetry Canada, Vol. 14, No. 3, (Spring, 1994)

“Gloss on a Text of John Ashbery’s,” The Malahat Review, No. 106 (Spring, 1994)

“Late Variant,” The Malahat Review, No. 102 (Spring, 1993)

Four Poems from “The Intervention of the Duke,” The Fiddlehead, No.173 (Autumn, 1992)

Critical Studies

“A Powerful Shock of Recognition,” Contemporary Literature Criticism, Vol. 273 (July, 2009)

“Middlewatch as Magic Realism,” Canadian Literature (March, 1982)


“Venice: a Watered-down View”. Review of My Venice by Harold Brodkey, The Vancouver Sun (August 29, 1998)

Review of Cloudsplitter by Russel Banks, The Vancouver Sun (May 9, 1998)

“Romance and Reality Spar Down in the Heart of Dixie.” Review of the Oxford Book of The American South: Testimony, Memory, Fiction, eds. Ayers and Mittendorf, The Vancouver Sun (December 27, 1997)

Power in the Blood: Land, Memory and a Southern Family by John Bentley Mays, The Vancouver Sun (December 27, 1997)

Rebel Angels: 25 Poets of the New Formalism; Jarman, Mark & David Mason, eds., The Antigonish Review, No.109 (Spring, 1997)

“The Dark Road Taken”. Review of Robert Frost: A Biography by Jeffrey Meyers, The Vancouver Sun (February 15, 1997)

“True Lies”. Review of My Other Life by Paul Theroux, The Vancouver Sun (Sept 28, 1996)

Hell No We Won’t Go: Vietnam Draft Resisters in Canada by Alan Haig-Brown, Georgia Straight (April 4-11, 1996)


“Judge’s comments: W. H. Smith/Books in Canada First Novel Award”. Books in Canada (April, 1991)

“Psyched Out”. Books in Canada, Vol. 15, No.2 (March, 1986)

“Nothing is sacred below the salt line,” Quill & Quire (March, 1984)

“The Screenplay as Fiction,” Quill & Quire (May, 1983)

“Island Man,” Interface, Vol. 4, No. 10 (November, 1981)

“The Art of Silence,” Interface, Vol. 4, No.8 (September, 1981)

“Raising the Curtain on the Barclay family,” Quill & Quire (August, 1981)

“Sailing the Craft of Fiction,” Interface, Vol. 4, No.5 (June, 1981)

“The Stories of Elizabeth Spencer,” Quill & Quire (March, 1981)


“Gaining the Higher Ground: An Appreciation,” Appalachian Heritage (Summer 2006)

“A Powerful Shock of Recognition: Mary Lee Settle’s Literary Legacy,” Appalachian Heritage (Winter 2006, Vol. 34 No.1)

“On Writing,” Event, Vol. 30: 1 (Spring 2001)

“Time for Truce,” Flare, Vol. 5, No.4 (May, 1983)

“Writing for the Yankee Dollar,” Books in Canada, Vol. 8, No.1 0 (December, 1979)

“Don’t They Listen to the Words?” The Body Politic; No. 38 (November, 1977)

“Grown Up Absurd,” Fusion, No. 76 (July, 1972)

“On the Trail of Reich,” Fusion, No. 59 (July 9, 1971)

“The Fight,” Fusion, No. 54 (April 16 1971)

“Notes from the Hanged Man’s House,” Fusion, No. 34 (May 29, 1970)

“The Tao of Hair,” Broadside (Boston), Vol. VIII, No. 25 (Jan. 28 – Feb. 10, 1970)

“Really Big Show in Chicago,” Broadside (Boston), Vol. VIII, No. 17 (Oct. 8 – 21, 1969)

“Movement Schizophrenia,” Broadside (Boston), Vol. VIII, No. 15 (Sept. 10 – 23, 1969, and widely reprinted by LNS-affiliated papers throughout the United States)

“A Plague on Both Your Houses,” Broadside (Boston), Vol. VIII, No. 11 (July 16 – 29, 1969)

“The Politics of Insanity,” Broadside (Boston), Vol. VIII, No. 10 (July 2 – 15, 1969)

“LRC. Seizes U.U.S.S,” Broadside (Boston), Vol. VIII, No.8 (June 4 – 17, 1969)

“Some People are Reacting as Though We Were Trying to Heist a Denomination,” Broadside (Boston), Vol. VIII, No.6 (May 7 – 20, 1969)

“Androgyny,” Broadside (Boston), Vol. VIII, No.4 (April 9 – 22, 1969)

“The Poetry Article,” Broadside (Boston), Vol. VIII, No.3 (March 26 – April 8, 1969)

“Newspaper for the Hell of It,” Broadside (Boston), Vol. VIII, No.1 (Feb. 26 – March 11, 1969).

“The End of History,” Broadside (Boston), Vol. IX, No.1 (Feb. 25 – March 10, 1970)

“Liberals,” The Free Press of Boston, Vol. I, No. 10 (September, 1968)

“Something is Happening,” The Free Press of Boston, Vol. I, No.8 (August, 1968)

“Love,” The Free Press of Boston, Vol. I, No.7 (July, 1968)

“Spock: Conspiracy?” The Free Press of Boston, Vol. I, No.6 (July, 1968)

“The Fashion Article,” The Free Press of Boston, Vol. I, No.4 (June, 1968)

“Confrontation,” The Free Press of Boston, Vol. I, No.3 (May, 1968)


Silence Made Visible: Howard O’Hagan and Tay John, ed. Margery Fee, ECW Press, Toronto, 1992. Headnote and interview with Howard O’Hagan.

Instead of Revolution. Howard Reiter, ed., New York, Hawthorne Books, 1971. Chapter 2, “Youth Culture.”


Ideas, CBC: “Floradora Girls” October 1991 (radio documentary)

Air Waves, CBC: “David Omar White” 1989 (Non-Fiction Essay)

Arts Tonight, CBC: “Forgotten Books, Parts 1,2 & 3” 1989 (radio commentary)

State of the Arts, CBC: “Fashion” 1988 (Non-Fiction Essay)

State of the Arts, CBC: “Hemingway” 1987 (Non-Fiction Essay)

State of the Arts, CBC: “Aunt Clara’s Dress” 1986 (Non-Fiction Essay)

Writer & Producer, WBUR, Boston, 1968-70.

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